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Affiliate Program
💲 Get profit with us 💲
Are you an owner of a gaming website or a Youtube channel? Twitch? Or even maybe involved in e-sport? Cool!
  • What kind of commercial offers do we accept?
    If you are a YouTuber with 5000+ subscribers and 1000+ views on video, or have 5,000+ visitors on your gaming website, feel free to send your commercial offers to support@memecase.com. If the the number of your subs is lower, get profit from our affiliate program!
  • What is the affiliate program?
    Just paste your affiliate link on your website, social network, Twitch or Youtube channel and get percent from your referrals on your Memecase balance.
  • Are there any special terms?
    - A user can be referral only of one affiliate partner.
    - You get the percent to the partner account immediately after your referral completes his payment.
    - Referrals can get skins on their steam accounts only after they recharge their account. Minimum deposit is $5.
  • I didn't get money from my referrals, but I know they clicked the link.
    Probably those users are already signed up with memecase.com, or became a referral of another affiliate before.
    If you found any errors or mistakes, pls contact our support team at support@memecase.com
  • How can I increase my profit?
    More users = higher percentage
    More paid users = more profit
    More paid users with higher percentage = faster Porsche you will buy!!!
Referal rates
Level Referal Amount Your Bonus Free Referal Bonus
1 1 1% $0.40
2 25 2% $0.45
3 100 3% $0.50
4 500 4% $0.55
5 1000 5% $0.60
6 2500 6% $0.65
7 5000 7% $0.75
8 10000 8% $0.80
9 25000 9% $0.85
10 50000 10% $0.90
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