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CS:GO - FAQ meme 🔫
Have a question? Look here!
  • I’ve money on my Steam account, can I use my Steam wallet funds to open cases on MemeCase?
    Steam Money are not appropriate on this site. You should fill up the balance on MemeCase directly.
  • I have filled up the balance but money didn’t get transferred to my profile. What should I do?
    Wow, don’t worry, sometimes it takes for 5-10 minutes to procced your payment. If the delay will be longer than 1 hour, please contact the support, write details of payment to support@memecase.com
  • I can't sell an item because pop-up dialog box is blocked on this tab!
    Just close the browser and then visit the page again. If that doesn't help solve the issue, don't panic, simply clear the browser's history and seel item ;)
  • All your drop is available and waiting for up to 1 hours
    If you don't withdraw item within 1 hour, you will receive full cost of the item to your balance.
  • Before opening Cases
    Firstly, check if you are able to trade on Steam, in case if not our robot will not be able to send you your drop. Open your inventory and check there is no trade ban and it is at least 7 days after the password had been changed.
  • What is Memecase Daily Bonus?
    Daily Bonus is your daily opportunity to get FREE skins and account balance for visiting Memecase every day. After your daily bonus's being claimed the 24 hour timer starts until the next use.
  • I have opened the case, how can I withdraw my item?
    Congratulation, you found your perfect item 😉 Now go to your profile and click the "Send" button on the item of your interest, once the trade offer is ready click "Get" button which will redirect you directly to the trade on Steam.
  • There is a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on the case, why?
    Mr. Policeman check the cases everyday and if he found that Case does not contain all the items that are listed in it, he marks case/collection “Temporarily Unavailable”. He care about clear randomness. So bot-policemen are monitoring the trade platform and purchase the missing items all the time.
  • When I click "Send" item, I get an error: "Unable to send the item"
    In any unforeseen situation, keep calm and enjoy CS:GO 😊 There are just several reasons why bot cannot send you item:
    1. You have blocked trade (logged in on the new device, recently changed the password / e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings, have VAC-ban, etc.).
    2. Your inventory is set to "hidden" in Steam privacy settings (Check it)
    3. Check your trade-link in profile and in Steam settings – they should match.
    4. Bot is having problems with the Steam connection; it happens quite often, the problem is on the Steam's side. Bot could also be banned, in this case, contact the support and describe the problem in details (support@memecase.com)
    If you don't withdraw your item for 1 hours, its full cost is returned to your balance.
  • You need to withdraw your items by pressing Send button during an hour before they are sold.
    The value of the item as shown on Memecase.com will be returned to your balance if you have not claimed it within an hour.
  • I have opened the case and received an item. How can I claim it?
    Go to your profile and click the "send" on a item of your interest. The "get" button will appear, and take you directly to the exchange on Steam.